Active Trading Service

You will receive regular emails having the actual trades we are doing in our Model Portfolio of USD 1 mn.
The portfolio is maintained in an online spreadsheet, and you will be given access to it.

At the start of this service, we will understand your trading and investing goals, and we will try to use all our resources to help you reach and exceed those goals. Our trading systems and market experience is showing market trends to us clearly and we want you to gain from it. Sometimes the gains can be on very short duration trades, like we will see that Nasdaq100 futures have completed their short term correction and recovering, and they can move up from 8650 to 8850 — that’s 200 points gain, which can come within 24 hours.

The trades will include index ETFs, leveraged ETFs, S&P500 futures, Nasdaq100 futures, Commodity futures (including Crude Oil futures), and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Litecoin) – all of them traded in the US market, and you can do similar trades in your account.

Each Trade has Entry Level, Target, Stop loss and indicative timeframe for the trade to play out.
Each Trade will also indicate the size of the trade with respect to the total portfolio size.

Therefore, the emails will give you a clear idea of the size of each investment compared to the total portfolio. This valuable information is missing in most trading services.

For example, if some stock expert says “Buy this smallcap XYZ Biotech stock for 200% gain”, how much capital can we really allocate to this trade? Even 5% of the portfolio seems like a lot. Whereas, if we say, “Buy S&P500 3X ETF for 30% gain”, that can be used for loading a lot of capital and it can creating sizeable gains.

Please Note: It is not necessary to do all trades at your end.
For example, one investor may just use our ETF trades and avoid futures trades.
Another investor may just use our leveraged ETF trades, etc.

The deliverable here is the emails alerts of the trades we are doing on our Model Portfolio. You will receive an email whenever we do a new trade, in real-time, so that you have the opportunity to take the same trade at your end.

Service Fee:
— $495 per quarter
— $1495 per year

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