Nifty Option Trading- 17500 CE -01Mar2023

For this week, our top pick for Nifty Options Trading has been Nifty 7500 Call Option of different expires: 09 Mar 2023, 16 Mar 2023, and 23 Mar 2023.

Following is the performance summary of the main Nifty Option trading today:  NIFTY 09Mar2023 CE 17500

It was a strong buy at closing yesterday near 67, and it gave over 50% gain by today’s closing. Trade Summary: Buy at 67, Sell at 103, giving 53% gain in one day. However, this reliable setup took some time to come, after more than a week of waiting.

We can continue trading with this Nifty Call Option for target 150-160. For example, we can buy tomorrow at 103 for target 153.

Bank Nifty has been stronger than Nifty in the last 2 weeks, and the Bank Nifty Call Options have also given good gains.

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