If you are trading any of the following, then you are trading the same things that we are trading, and you can you benefit from the buy/sell signals generated by our advanced trading systems, which have been developed with many years of effort and experience.

    • S&P500 futures
    • Nasdaq100 futures
    • WTI Crude Oil futures
    • Nifty/Bank Nifty futures
    • Agri Commodity futures (Soybean, Corn, Coffee, etc)
    • S&P500 3x ETF (SPXL)
    • Nasdaq 3x ETF (TQQQ)
    • S&P Biotech 3x ETF (LABU)
    • Forex Trading: USD/JPY
    • Crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others)

Trading Signals are generated mostly from hourly and daily charts, and they can be useful to a wide range of Traders and Investors. If you follow the signals diligently, you can make good profits. In fact, some signals have generated mega profits. For example, in April 2020, we gave a Buy signal for S&P500 futures above 2500 for Target 2800, which gave 300 points. Just one good trade can pay for your entire year’s subscription. In Jan 2021, we gave a Buy signal for Dogecoin at 5 cents, and it went up to 50 cents April, giving 10X gain in 3 months.

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