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Bank Nifty Analysis – 01Mar2024

Bank Nifty had a big green day today after several days of weakness with falling momentum. Bank Nifty closed today 47,287 with +1166 points gain. That’s a big green day, and the last time we saw such a big green day was on 4th Dec 2023. So today’s big green day is coming after nearly 3 months. As per our study, such big green days come once per quarter, so its in line with historical data of Bank Nifty.

Current upside target is 48,200
Traders can stay long above 46,000.
In the Bank Nifty hourly chart, the momentum (CCI indicator) is coming down, so some consolidation or testing of 47,000 level can happen in the next 1-2 days.

Bank Nifty Option Trading- 41000 CE -01Mar2023

The most suitable Bank Nifty Option for trading was 41,000 CE of 9th March 2023 expiry. Bank Nifty has been stronger than Nifty for the last 2 weeks, and Bank Nifty index did not even break its low of 1st Feb (Budget day low), which Nifty index has broken its Budget day. Bank Nifty was already on its way up since last 3 days.

Our Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy is to buy on these sharp corrections for recovery back to 41K level.

The suitable trade in Bank Nifty Call Options was to buy this Call Option “09Mar2023 CE 41000” at 125 at yesterday’s closing and sell at 200 today, giving 60% gain.

Traders could have also bought this option in the morning today around 150 and sold at 200 with 33% gain.

This Bank Nifty Call Option is suitable for trading till 2nd March, and it should not be trade in its expiry week.