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Bitcoin BTC Analysis- 13June2022

Investors must use these corrections in Bitcoin to keep buying, because Bitcoin will go and hit $100K USD target at some point in the coming 2-3 years, which will give 3X gain from current levels of $24K USD. Of course market conditions are volatile, and market sentiment is badly damaged for both Nasdaq and Crypto markets, so things will take a few months to stabilize. The US Fed can’t go on raising rates in these conditions, when demand is dropping sharply and yet prices are high, which I hope they will realize soon.

Bitcoin & Litecoin Trading Report – April 2020

Hello and Welcome to Jupiter Futures! We have been actively involved with Cryptocurrency since year 2015. We had a bullish view on Bitcoin when it was just USD $520 per BTC. However, it was very difficult to trade Bitcoins back then, but the scenario is much different now in year 2020. Millions of people in the US have accounts with Coinbase and Kraken – two of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin is the leader and star performer among Cryptocurrencies. Over the last 3 years, many large investors have taken long-term positions in Bitcoin, which has made Bitcoin a much stronger asset. In addition, the Quantitative Easing by US Federal Reserve Bank in year 2020 is bullish for Bitcoin over the next 3-4 years.

Bitcoin has high inherent volatility, despite fundamental strength, which makes it perfect for trading. You could make 40-50% return per year by trading Bitcoin, with just 4-5 trades per year. But it requires a careful study, a good trading strategy, and a clear view of Bitcoin’s long term chart.

We are confident that the best of Bitcoin is yet to come, and you can make attractive gains with Bitcoin in the next 3-4 years, both from trading and investing. Therefore, we have prepared this report to help a wide range of Investors and Traders.

The report also covers Litecoin, which is excellent for trading and it can deliver 50-100% return per annum with trading, though we will suggest only Bitcoin for investing purpose.

Jupiter Futures is pleased to publish the latest Bitcoin & Litecoin Trading Report with Price Targets till Dec 2020, and also long range targets for 2022.

As you are aware, the financial markets have been going through high volatility since Feb 2020 because of the panic and fear from coronavirus.

Bitcoin and Litecoin have also corrected sharply for the same reasons.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) have established themselves as the top two favorite Cryptocurrencies for a wide range of investors and traders, and these two coins present some of the best investing and trading opportunities in various timeframes.

Litecoin and Bitcoin charts started on a similar structure, but they have become different now, and their trading strategy is not the same. Of course, Bitcoin is the market leader, and any major rally in cryptocurrencies is possible only with a rally in Bitcoin.

Contents of the Report:

  • Bitcoin – Fundamental Analysis
  • Bitcoin – Technical Analysis
  • Litecoin – Fundamental Analysis
  • Litecoin – Technical Analysis
  • Summary of Key Levels

The Report gives price targets for Dec 2020, and also Dec 2022. The Report also describes the levels below which breakdown can happen, and you have to be cautious about those levels, and plan your trades and investments as suggested in the report.


The report will be useful to a wide range of Cryptocurrency investors and traders to create profitable trading strategy for the year 2020, using the buying levels and profit-taking levels for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

We have been tracking Cryptocurrencies since 2015, and with each passing month, the Cryptocurrencies are getting more mature in the financial markets, which is a very positive sign for their future.

Over the last two years, we have consulted various investors on their cryptocurrency plans and positions, and this report aims to help a wider range of investors and traders.

During uncertain times, we must stick with quality, and Bitcoin is the topmost quality cryptocurrency. If you go by the examples of Amazon and Google over last 10-20 years, the long term gains are likely to be the best with Bitcoin. So it makes sense to focus on Bitcoin as the core pillar of your cryptocurrency investments.

We believe this report will be useful and valuable for any Investor or Trader dealing with Cryptocurrencies.

Please contact us to get a copy of this report.. Thanks!