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Bank Nifty Option Trading- 41000 CE -01Mar2023

The most suitable Bank Nifty Option for trading was 41,000 CE of 9th March 2023 expiry. Bank Nifty has been stronger than Nifty for the last 2 weeks, and Bank Nifty index did not even break its low of 1st Feb (Budget day low), which Nifty index has broken its Budget day. Bank Nifty was already on its way up since last 3 days.

Our Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy is to buy on these sharp corrections for recovery back to 41K level.

The suitable trade in Bank Nifty Call Options was to buy this Call Option “09Mar2023 CE 41000” at 125 at yesterday’s closing and sell at 200 today, giving 60% gain.

Traders could have also bought this option in the morning today around 150 and sold at 200 with 33% gain.

This Bank Nifty Call Option is suitable for trading till 2nd March, and it should not be trade in its expiry week.

Nifty Option Trading- 17500 CE -01Mar2023

For this week, our top pick for Nifty Options Trading has been Nifty 7500 Call Option of different expires: 09 Mar 2023, 16 Mar 2023, and 23 Mar 2023.

Following is the performance summary of the main Nifty Option trading today:  NIFTY 09Mar2023 CE 17500

It was a strong buy at closing yesterday near 67, and it gave over 50% gain by today’s closing. Trade Summary: Buy at 67, Sell at 103, giving 53% gain in one day. However, this reliable setup took some time to come, after more than a week of waiting.

We can continue trading with this Nifty Call Option for target 150-160. For example, we can buy tomorrow at 103 for target 153.

Bank Nifty has been stronger than Nifty in the last 2 weeks, and the Bank Nifty Call Options have also given good gains.