S&P500 Futures Analysis – 13Oct2021

S&P500 futures are currently at 4325, and they are once again testing 4320 support level today, and the risk-reward here is looking very positive for upside target of 4450. Our SP500 Futures Trading Strategy is to stay long above 4330, and increase long positions above 4450, above the resistance line shown in the chart below.

Neat downward sloping resistance line with controlled correction, indicates a solid rally ahead. Clean long trades will come above the resistance line. 4450-4500 are near-term upside targets, which can give 120-170 points gain from current level 4325.

The S&P500 futures have been testing 4300-4320 support levels, and bouncing back from there, so this is the key support level, and long positions can be carefully created above this level. All long positions will need to be closed below 4300, because that will be a fresh breakdown.

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S&P500 Futures Analysis – 27Aug2021

The S&P500 futures have closed today at 4507.50, which is a new lifetime high closing. Day high was 4510, so the closing rate is near day high, and a sign of strength. The futures had a brief correction but bounced back from 4503, so 4500 level was defended today afternoon. As per our analysis, targets of 4520 and 4530 should come next week.

Once the S&P500 futures recovered above 4400, they haven’t looked back.
As mentioned earlier, our S&P500 futures trading strategy is as follows:
Above 4400, our target is 4450 (achieved),
and above 4450 closing, 4500 is the target (achieved).