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S&P500 Futures Analysis- 01Aug2023

The S&P500 futures (ES) have been holding above their 10 day moving average, which is currently at 4590.  As long as they are above this level, the immediate target is 4630. The momentum indicator (CCI) shows the momentum is gradually falling after the recent spike.  The S&P500 futures are in uptrend, and there is a resistance at 4630. The support is at 4580, and therefore 4580 should be the stop loss on all long positions.

SP500 Futures Analysis -24Jun2022

SP500 Futures have been trading in a bearish mode since Jan 2022, and daily charts are all in declining price channels, which means all rallies are getting sold, and higher highs are not coming, but lower lows are coming.

SP500 Futures Trading Strategy is to buy on support levels and sell/exit long at resistance levels. Futures Trading has to be done with smaller position size because volatility is high, and 40-50 point up/down move is happening almost daily.

SP500 Resistance Levels are currently at 4000-4030.
SP500 Support Levels are currently at 3650-3700.