1. What assets or markets do you trade with?

Answer: We are trading with the following assets/markets, and we can help you in each of them with our Trades and Trading Signals. Our goal is to share our analysis and winning trades with as many traders as possible.

  • S&P500 futures
  • Nasdaq100 futures
  • Crude Oil futures (WTI and Brent crude)
  • Nifty and Bank Nifty futures
  • S&P500 3X Bull ETF (SPXL)
  • Nasdaq100 3X Bull ETF (TQQQ)
  • S&P Biotech 3X Bull ETF (LABU)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC)

2. What kind of Trading Services do you offer?

Answer: We have different services for different types of Traders and Trading companies. We can share Trading Signals on the markets you work with, and you can decide your own trades based on those signals. And we can also work with you closely to create custom trades for you based on the capital you have and your trading goals. For example, we don’t have to be in the market at all times. We can take the clean trades and make some good gains, and exit when conditions are less attractive and leave those potential gains in order to keep our capital dry and safe for next opportunity, whenever it comes.

3. Do you also trade with leveraged ETFs in addition to Futures?

Answer: Yes, we actively trade leveraged ETFs  like SPXL, TQQQ, LABU and FAS — they are a core part of our US market trading work, and we find them very useful for creating sold gains year after year, because 3X leverage is ideal for all kinds of market conditions. We are also helping Private Investors and Investment Advisors using our market research and trading service for these leveraged ETFs with in 80-20 profit sharing model for Private Investors, and Annual Subscription Fee for Investment Advisors. Over the last 5 years, we have developed expertise in leveraged ETFs — and we have created AI-based Trading Systems for trading our leveraged ETFs. Please contact us if you want to trade leveraged ETFs with our help. Thanks.

4. What kind of annual gains are possible by trading leveraged ETFs?

Answer: Our top 3 leveraged ETFs are: SPXL, TQQQ and LABU — and our model portfolios of these ETFs have been consistently generating over 50% gain per annum. That’s why are keen to share the power of these leverage ETFs with as many Investors/Clients as we can, because we can create strong returns without taking company specific risk with individual stocks. Our model portfolio for each leveraged ETF is shared with Investors and Investment Advisors. Please contact us if you want to trade leveraged ETFs with our help. Thanks.

5. Which commodity futures do you track and trade with?

Answer: We are actively tracking the following commodity futures: Crude Oil futures (WTI and Brent crude), US Soybean futures, US Corn futures. We have also helped commodity traders in Coffee futures, and we have been long term investors in agri commodities.

6. Do you offer forex trading services?

Answer: Yes, we have helped forex traders on case to case basis. We have active tracking for USD/JPY and EUR/USD. If you need active trading trading signals or trades in these two forex pairs, we could help you, depending on your trading goals.Our trades are positional and not intraday. Thanks.

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