Thanks for your interest in our services, which are useful to Investors, Traders, Investment Advisers and Fund Managers. You can benefit from our work through the following services.

(1) Market Dashboard Service.

This dashboard will give you unified view of all the Indices, ETFs, Stocks we are tracking, along with their latest buy/sell signals and indicative targets and stop losses, and indicative timeframes for targets. This dashboard is created by our AI-enabled Trading Systems, and updated regularly. The dashboard is powered by our Trading systems and 20+ years of market experience. You would decide your investments and trades using the buy/sell signals given on the dashboard. The deliverable here is Membership access to our Market Dashboard. The fee is $199 per year, which is aimed to help maximum number of Traders and Investors. Please contact us to learn more. Thanks.

(2) Active Trading Service.

You will receive regular emails having the actual trades we are doing in our Model Portfolio of USD 1 mn. The trades will include index ETFs, leveraged ETFs, S&P500 futures, Nasdaq100 futures, Bitcoin and Litecoin – all from the US market, and you can do similar trades in your account. These emails will give you an idea of the size of each investment compared to the total portfolio. Each trade has target, stop loss and indicative timeframe for the trade to play out. It is not necessary to do all trades at your end. For example, one investor may just use our ETF trades and avoid futures trades. Another investor may just use our leveraged ETF trades, etc. The deliverable here is the emails alerts of the exact trades we are doing on our Model Portfolio. You will receive an email whenever we post a new trade, so that you have the opportunity to take the same trade at your end.

(3) S&P500 Futures Trading Service.

We have 15 years experience in trading S&P500 index instruments. S&P500 is the best equity index in the world, and it is designed to give regular profits to all investors. We strongly believe that if you can’t make profit with it, you can’t make profit with any other equity product in the world. You will receive regular emails having the buy/sell signals. Each trade has target, stop loss and indicative timeframe for the trade to play out. There are usually 3-5 trades per month and these are positional trades (not intra-day) that require you to carry futures. Most trades complete in 12-36 hours, because we aim to be very selective in the trades This service is suitable for active traders. We have a unique performance guarantee of 20 points per month, otherwise the service fee will be refunded. Please contact us to learn more.

(4) Market Consulting Service.

This will be a telecon of 30 minutes on a specific problem. It can be related to any position in equity, commodity, crypto, or forex. We will give you a brief questionnaire to collect the information in advance so that we can come to the telecon prepared with our analysis and options. The deliverable here is the telecon and a document with our analysis with supporting charts or tables. This consulting service can be very useful to plan your trades, especially in volatile market conditions, by taking our market view on weekly, monthly and quarterly timeframe. We could also help you to exit a loss making position and recover the loss by switching into another position where gains are visible with high probability. You may also take our inputs in managing your derivative positions in a volatile market. The fee for a 30 minutes consultation plus specific report for your market is $200 USD, which can be paid via PayPal or Litecoin. Active Traders can use this service at the start of every month to significantly improve their gains.If you are an active Trader, then its the best investment you can make at the start of each month. Traders have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding large market falls/corrections, and gained big from participating in major market rallies.

Please contact us to learn more about the above services. Thanks.

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