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S&P500 Futures Analysis-03Aug2020

Hello Folks, the S&P500 futures are currently at 3279.50
The futures have already hit 3280, which has activated the Optional Trade that we shared on Friday. Above 3270, a major resistance would break, and our upside target is 3330. So we can stay long above 3280 for Target 3330.

[Copying the trade from Friday]
Here is a new Optional Trade for Traders with 10+ contracts.
“Buy 1-2 contracts at 3280 for Target 3330 with Stop loss 3250”
This trade can also be done with Emini Micros or CFDs.

The S&P500 futures have been moving up since Friday on the back of good results by fronline index companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. However the valuations are expensive, so any long trade must be done with caution. 3200 should be the Absolute Stop loss on any long trade. Thanks.