ChainLink (LINK) Analysis -19Jan2021

Among the various crypto currencies, ChainLink (LINK) has given very strong performance over last two years, and the chart remains bullish. ChainLink has upside target $25-26, with support at $15-16.

Other than Bitcoin (BTC), ChainLink (LINK) and Litecoin (LTC) have been two strong crypto currencies in recent months, in the top 10 list, and they are both looking bullish for 2021, with good upside targets.

Bank Nifty Analysis -19Jan2021

Bank Nifty is trying to go up today after defending the low of yesterday.

Bank Nifty Resistance Levels are 32,600 and 33,700 — and we are like to see a retest of these levels this week.

Bank Nifty Support Levels are 31,650 and 31,800 — therefore, long positions should be closed below 31,600.

In the current period, Bank Nifty Futures trading is producing much better results than Bank Nifty Options trading.