Introduction to Jupiter Markets

Hello Folks, how are you doing? I want to invite you to Jupiter Markets! It’s a new platform (built by Traders for Traders!) to share profitable trading signals for S&P500 futures, Nasdaq100 futures, Crude Oil futures, Nifty and Bank Nifty futures, VIX, Bitcoin, Leveraged ETFs (like SPXL, TQQQ, LABU, FAS, TMF) and Forex (USD/JPY), and we are adding new markets. For example, we have just added SPY Options and Bank Nifty Options, because many Traders in our network are trading these options.

Jupiter Markets gives you access to profitable trading signals with bold targets, powered by trading systems developed over 10+ years. Here are some recent examples:

  • Strong Exit/Sell signal for S&P500 futures at 3320 in Feb 2020.
  • Strong Buy signal for S&P500 futures at 2500 for target 3000.
  • Strong Buy signal for Crude Oil futures at $25 for target $40.
  • Strong Buy signal for Bank Nifty futures at 19,150 for target 21,200.
  • Plus many smaller signals every week.

All Trading Signals are posted on a common Dashboard, and sent by email. We are sharing a wide range of Trading Signals to help different types of traders and trading strategies. We want to share our big targets in each market, so that you don’t miss them.

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No credit card required. After trial it’s from $49/mo. Cancel anytime.
For a small monthly fee, you can have our trading systems working for you!

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Best Wishes,
Shankar AVSB
Director, Jupiter Futures
New York: +1 646 416 6561
London: +44 20 7096 9132

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