ChainLink (LINK) Analysis -19Jan2021

Among the various crypto currencies, ChainLink (LINK) has given very strong performance over last two years, and the chart remains bullish. ChainLink has upside target $25-26, with support at $15-16.

Other than Bitcoin (BTC), ChainLink (LINK) and Litecoin (LTC) have been two strong crypto currencies in recent months, in the top 10 list, and they are both looking bullish for 2021, with good upside targets.

Bitcoin Trading Service

Our Bitcoin Trading Service covers both Bitcoin and Litecoin. So, traders will receive trading inputs for both these cryptocurrencies, BTC and LTC.

We have created a dedicated Trading System for Bitcoin and Litecoin trading. The system tracks BTC, LTC and Tether prices on daily and weekly basis and gives buy/sell signals.

Performance of Model Cryptocurrency Trading Portfolio:
Year 2017: Over 230%
Year 2018: Over 60%
Year 2019: Over 110%
Year 2020: 52% (so far)
The above performance was achieved with positional trading.
Our focus is buy deep corrections for best risk-reward ratio.
Average trade duration has been 3-4 weeks.

There are four points worth noting:

(1) Most of the times, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency for trading, because it has the best risk-reward ratio among cryptocurrencies. However, there are certain times when Litecoin can accelerate rapidly compared to Bitcoin, and our Trading Systems will give those alerts to us.

(2) Over the last 3 years, there have been 2-3 months in each year when Litecoin gives very good trading gains. Our goal is to ensure that we are trading Litecoin during those 2-3 months, and trade Bitcoin for all the remaining 9-10 months of the year.

(3) Bitcoin is suitable for both investing and trading, but Litecoin is suitable mainly for trading.

(4) The Halving event of Bitcoin in May 2020 will reduce supply and even modest increase is buying demand can push BTC prices up rapidly.

Indicative Trades for Example:

Following are a few examples of how the trades are shared with our Traders/Subscribers.

“Buy Bitcoin at 7200 for Target 8900 with Stop loss 4000.
Stop loss is deep because we want to buy more on correction.”

“Buy Litecoin at 40 for Target 60 with Stop loss 20.
Stop loss is deep because we want to buy more on correction.”

Feedback and Testimonials so far…

"Based on your inputs, we bought Bitcoin at $6200 and $7200 
for Target $8500, which came in less than 8 weeks." (2020)

"Bought LTC at 40 and for Target 50 using your inputs
...25% profit within 1 month!" (2020)

"I gained from your buy calls for Bitcoin from 5000 to 9000, 
and Litecoin from 35 to 100" (2019)

"I should have bought more BTC at lower levels to really gain 
from your high conviction price targets" (2019) 

"We sold Litecoin at 125 and it went down below 50 after that. 
And Bitcoin has outperformed as per your analysis. Thanks!" (2019)

Service Fee:
Please click on the suitable link below to pay with PayPal.

  • USD $295 for 3 months
    • The 3 month option is suitable for Traders who want to test our service.
  • USD $795 for 1 year
    • 1 year option has 25% discount. Ideal for serious and regular cryptocurrency traders, where we can also do some high-conviction long-range trades.

After doing the PayPal payment, please send us an email, including your location and phone number. We will send all trading updates and trading reports by email. We can also speak briefly on phone, to help us understand your goals from cryptocurrency trading. Thanks.