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ChainLink (LINK) Analysis -19Jan2021

Among the various crypto currencies, ChainLink (LINK) has given very strong performance over last two years, and the chart remains bullish. ChainLink has upside target $25-26, with support at $15-16.

Other than Bitcoin (BTC), ChainLink (LINK) and Litecoin (LTC) have been two strong crypto currencies in recent months, in the top 10 list, and they are both looking bullish for 2021, with good upside targets.

Bitcoin Trading Service

Our Bitcoin Trading Service covers both Bitcoin and Litecoin. We have created a Trading System for Bitcoin and Litecoin trading, which tracks both BTC and LTC rates on daily and weekly basis and gives buy/sell signals.So, traders/subscribers of this trading system will receive trading inputs for both these cryptos. 

Image Credit: Michael Förtsch

There are four points worth noting regarding Bitcoin and Litecoin:

(1) Most of the times, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency for trading, because it has the best risk-reward ratio among cryptocurrencies. However, there are certain times when Litecoin can accelerate rapidly compared to Bitcoin, and our Trading Systems will give those alerts to us.

(2) Over the last 3 years, there have been 2-3 months in each year when Litecoin gives very good trading gains. Our goal is to ensure that we are trading Litecoin during those 2-3 months, and trade Bitcoin for all the remaining 9-10 months of the year.

(3) Bitcoin is suitable for both investing and trading, but Litecoin is suitable mainly for trading in regular market conditions. Litecoin is suitable for investing at 1-3 year lows.

(4) The Halving event of Bitcoin in May 2020 will reduce supply and even modest increase is buying demand can push BTC prices up rapidly.

Indicative Trades for Example:

Following are a few examples of how the trades are shared with our Traders/Subscribers.

“Buy Bitcoin at 7200 for Target 8900 with Stop loss 4000.
Stop loss is deep because we want to buy more on correction.”

“Buy Litecoin at 40 for Target 60 with Stop loss 20.
Stop loss is deep because we want to buy more on correction.”

Please contact us to learn more about this service. Thanks.